HSSC Grooming Team

Trail Brushing

Harbor Springs Snowmobile Club Trail Brushing Team Leaders and trail sections are shown below.

Railroad Grade: Trail 7

  • Alanson to Pellston: Rick Geiger 231-203-1863
  • Pellston to Carp Lake: Ryan Fosmore 231-758-9599
  • Carp Lake to Mackinaw City: Dale Berry 231-373-6207

East Side: Trails 71, 711, 717

  • Trail 71 Alanson to Chadderdon Road: Shawn Robinson 347-3383
  • Trail 711 County Wide to Trail 71 to Brutus Road: County Wide Power Sports 347-8822
  • Trail 717 Brutus Road to Robinson Road: Joe/Julie Kuchnicki 330-1549
  • Trail 717 Robinson Road to Pellston: David Tallon 330-2278

West Side: Trails 71, 704, 705, 710, 721

  • Trail 710 Warwick Road to Big Pine: Dean Dryer 734-769-9500
  • Trail 71 Brutus Road to Trail 710 to Wressel Road: Ryan Johnston 838-8912
  • Trail 710 Wressel Road to Trail 71 to State Road to Maple Tree Corner: Cody Lechowicz 881-7319/Richard Schlappi 838-0578
  • Trails 71/710 Loop to Wormwood Lane: Wayne Peterson 838-4609
  • Trails 71/704/705 Palmer, Teal, Gregory, and Moosejaw Roads and Melody Lane: Michael Keller 838-1691
  • Trail 71 Big Pine to Serva Road: Dave Price 838-9184 / Mike Phillips
  • Trail 71 Serva Road to Palmer Road: John Crawford 248-207-1449
  • Trail 721 Teal Road to Larks Lake: Dave Price 838-9184 / Mike Phillips

NOTE: These people are not responsible in any way for these trail sections.

CONTACT: If you can help, please contact one of the trail captains listed.

REMEMBER: Brushing should be considered a year-round activity. Planning a weekend or two with your team is easier when you have all year to make it happen.


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