Moose Jaw '06
Thursday the crew gathers..............
Saturday, January 21St, 2006
A little History about the Safari ...

There are a few different stories of how the Moose Jaw Safari got its name. The most popular tale told about  the 1965 ride remembers how the group left Harbor Springs and made to Moose Jaw rd. before turning back. It took several hours to get that far (maybe 20 miles depending on the route) and the group had used up most of the spare plugs, belts, and fuel. Most riders of today's sleds have no idea how hard it was to go any distance at all on early sleds!

Many years ago there was large logging camp south of Larks Lake. It was known as Moose Jaw Logging Camp.  That is how the general area S of Larks Lake was known geographically. Moose Jaw rd. is now part of trail 705 N of  Stutsmanville rd. S.W. of Larks Lake.

We would like to add more detail to the Moose Jaw history page. Need more info on that first ride!  If anyone has more to add to the history of the Moose Jaw area and/or the annual trail ride please contact me.
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It was a perfect day and 330 people signed the register! We just barely received enough snow to ride to the beanpot this year. A week before the event there was no snow on our trails.
Moose Jaw pics 
Moose Jaw  soup-crew pics

Always the 3rd Saturday of January. If there is no rideable snow we will still gather at Bean Pot.
Moose Jaw Junction is right across street from Center Township hall

You can enjoy bean soup indoors or outside by warm fires.
We rent the hall so folks can warm up and use modern facilities.

Pre-Registration at Harbor Springs skating rink 8:30 to 9:30 am. Ride leaves at 10:00 am SHARP!
MAIN REGISTRATION BOOTH IS AT BEAN POT while Food is served 12:00- 2:00 pm

Take M119 to Harbor Springs and turn right on Hoyt street. Click for location
Truck and trailer parking available but it fills up fast.

You can join ride on trail if you don't wish to start in Harbor
We usually stop 3 times during ride to visit with riders

No snowmobile registration or trail permit needed for your vintage sled on this event.
Bring a friend and a tow rope just in case! Use route map to co-ordinate sled retrieval.

The ride to the beanpot at Center Township hall at Larks Lake is approximately 30 miles.
It's an easy ride that will take 2 hrs.  Click for location of Moose Jaw Bean Pot

We ride some of our finest trails on our way to Larks Lake.
Famous bean soup will be ready at Noon.

Grooming donations are appreciated! Our volunteers will have all trails groomed.

Note: there is no return ride to Harbor Springs.
Direct route back to Harbor Springs is well marked 17 mile trail via 721-704-71-710

Route Map with road crossings marked for photo ops, gas, and sled retrieval.
We will have route marked with MJ> arrows at intersections.
Brent Corbin 1970 Olympique
Moose Jaw 2009  # 44 
It was cold and snow conditions were excellent.
Moose Jaw 2010  # 45
It was a mild day and soup was great! 66 sleds left Harbor. Tom Hoffman led the group on an "alternate route" that was fun but we found out it was difficult to keep the group together. Next year we will supply a route sheet for those new to our trail system. 
319 signed the register at Larks Lake Center Township Hall where the bean pot is located. Thanks to all who attended and supported our favorite event! Thanks also to all who rode a vintage sled including Randy Mcewen and Shawn Robinson who brought many old snowmobiles for friends to ride.
Second stop at Fisher Rd
Mr John Cupps cooking the dogs
It was cold and windy but the trails and the soup were excellent.
Few were taking pictures this year due to the cold temps but we have some to share.
Randy McEwen from Corunna MI hauled 15 vintage sleds to Harbor
My first snowmobile. I rode it on my first Moose Jaw in 1975 when I was 13.
Randy McEwen
Scott Smith and Joe
Speedway getting a little service at first trail stop at Big Pine
Scott Smith on his John Deere Liquifire
Dave Bruckman on a 72 Moto Ski Capri
Fabulous Bean Soup
There are many more photos available from Dan Davis Photography. Click button to see them:
Hi res images are available in print or on a disk.
Hamming it up on my 70 Moto Ski!
Moose Jaw '08
Ken Robinson
Brandon Kuchnicki
Mike Hartung
Larry and Belinda
Group of Walstrom employees
Tom Bek the soup master
John Kenyon
Rupp Nitro fan bearing failure
Baby Lacross drag
Dennis McKinney
Another lean picture year due to the cold temps. We'll post more if you send them to us.
Brent Corbin's Ski Doo TNT
Mrs Frank Chellis and Leonard Ward at the Moose Jaw Safari aboard a 72 Johnson which is identical to the sled he rode for years. Leonard and Frank were part of the second annual Moose Jaw Safari in 1966.
"Ain't that right Dorothy" (Dorothy was Leonard's wife. He was known to tell tall tales and then refer to her for validation of his tale.) 
Vintage Snowmobile One Time Permit fee is a reality!
Click to learn more.
DNR Permit summary
Moose Jaw 2012  # 47
Moose Jaw pics from the past
51st Annual Moose Jaw is Saturday January 16, 2016

Get there before 9 if you intend to leave a vehicle and trailer